Fear Not

When night shadows start to creep,

And fears interrupt my sleep,

I send a prayer to Jesus up on high.

He sends an angel to my side.

To protect me till the night has died.

I know He's always standing by.




Fear not! For I am with you always,

Just ask, and I will hear your prayer.

In the sun, or down some dismal hallways,

You can be sure that I will be there.


When the world has got me down,

And I don't see a friend around,

I send out an  "S. O. S.", To the Heaven's above.

His light shines through the skies of gray,

I know I can face another day.

For He assures me of His wondrous love.


When life's problems seem too much,

Then I request the Master's touch,

It doesn't seem to me I'm so alone.

When I feel His hand in mine.

I know that things will work out fine.

My trust is in the best help that I've known.


                --Tom R. McNeil