Following The Leader


I'm reminded of a childhood game,

'Follow the Leader', was its name.

He led us through the muck and mire.

Anywhere it was his desire.

Never once questioned the road he took,

We played the game, by the book.

He was the leader, and so ...

We went wherever he would go.



Following the leader,

The leader, the leader.

Following the leader,

But just where is he going?


Is it any different in the world today?

It seems to me, the same game we play.

The leaders now will just pass a law.

And we accept it with every flaw.

And even if the milk is sour,

We still drink it; they have the power.

Lead us by the nose, to and fro ...

And into the abyss we blindly go.


There's only one leader that will do,

The 'Son of God'; His path is true.

He will never lead you wrong.

He is the light; his arm is strong.

Need not follow where the world goes,

Jesus is my guide; His path I chose.

And no matter what others may do ...

I follow Him; His way is true.


                --Tom R. McNeil