God Have Mercy

Lord, I come before thee on my knees today,

Oh, I am the lowliest of men. 

Though I tried so hard,

Somehow I went astray, 

And I need your help again.




Oh God, have mercy; I kneel before thee,

I'm just a sinner, that's what I am. 

I ask forgiveness for my transgressions,

And call on Jesus, to save this man. 


Lord, I've gone to places, that I should not go,

The way of the flesh, drew me in. 

And I said, "Yes", to things, 

When  I should have said, "No", 

Oh, please forgive me for my sin.


Lord, I ask this week that you will walk with me,

And show me the path that I should take. 

Will you share some time each day, 

And talk with me, 

I ask all this for Jesus sake.


                --Tom R. McNeil