How Jesus Would Handle This

I've heard some people say,

Jesus never faced the world of today.

So, He cannot understand what I'm going through.

The world moves at a faster pace,

You fall behind if you don't race.

In this situation I wonder,

What would Jesus do?


Well, He'd pray a little bit,

His options weigh a little bit.

Then all the doubts and worries,

He could just dismiss.

Then He'd put it in God's hands,

And follow His commands.

That's how Jesus would handle this.


Families just seem to fall apart,

Little concern about breaking hearts.

Fathers and mothers sadly watch,

Their children take to sin.

Jesus never even had a kid,

Never dealt with what my kid did.

What would He do,

In this world we're living in?


So many things are taught,

What is false is hard to spot.

And we are often a victim,

Of one of life's scams.

They say what was wrong way back then,

Is now acceptable to most men.

I think we're even more,

Like little lost lambs.

                --Tom R. McNeil