I Am Content

I Am Content

When I see the things around me,

All that He's given; I don't pay a cent.

And I know that since He found me,

That's all I need; I am content.


 Many crave riches, and many do not know,

The love of Jesus, nor just why He was sent.

As long as I have food and clothing,

On this earth below,

And His salvation; I am content.


When I see the homeless and the poor,

Those afflicted, the tired and the bent.

I count my blessings; I have so much more.

The love of God; I am content.


When I see the misery all around,

The hopelessness; the rage that's vent.

I'm so thankful, my Lord I found,

I need no more; I am content.


                --Tom R. McNeil