When Life Gets You Down

Sometimes you wake up with such a funny feeling.

And you don't really understand why.

Itís then, that you need spiritual healing,

That only comes, from the One up on high.


There is a way up, up,

When life gets you down.

Drink from the Lord's cup,

There joy can be found.

Well, goodness knows,

We all have our woes.

And from time to time we wear a frown.

Jesus is the way up, up, up, up,

When life gets you down.


Now, everything is great;

And you're rolling right along.

Then you are hit by a bolt out of the blue.

You just can't figure out quite what went wrong.

But whatever it is, it bothers you.


Do you find yourself at times in a melancholy state?

When you were happy just a short while ago?

All you know that feeling is not all that great,

And you can't remember ever feeling so low.


                -©-Tom R. McNeil