No Other God

I used to walk a lonely road,

Although it seemed to be the way to go.

Satan promised me the world if his bitter seeds I'd sow.

For a while I lived in sin, I obeyed his wishes every day.

Until I cried out in my anguish, "Is there not a better way?" 




No other God in my life,

The one true God is all I see.

No other god will walk along the road of life with me.

I'll have no other gods before me,

To that commandment I'll stay true.

For after knowing you, no other god will do.


Jesus was waiting there for me, 'cause He heard my anxious cry.

He said, "I am the one true way, my followers never die."

Though His road seems tough at times,

Living according to God's will.

I'm glad I chose my Lord's way,

And I'm on that pathway still.


The gods of silver and of gold lure the innocent with their lies.

They could see the pit before them, if they'd only open up their eyes.

I saw the error of my ways, before it was too late.

I found the one true path, and it leads to Heaven's gate. 

                --Tom R. McNeil