There Is No Sin Too Big For Him

There Is No Sin Too Big For Him

Well, I've heard some people say,

That they've sinned nearly all their days,

No hope for them, though they'd like to change,

Well, friends, that statement's just not true,

'Cause no matter what you do,

Call on Him, and your life He'll rearrange.




There is no sin, no sin, that's too big for Him,

There is no lowly deed for which He did not bleed.

There's not a thing obscene,

His blood cannot wash clean.

There is no sin, no sin, that's too big for Him.        


I've heard of people on death row,

Who hadn't much time to go?

And they've accepted Jesus as their own.

There's no justifying the lives they led,

They maimed some, left others dead,

But through His grace they'll have a heavenly home.


Well, when Jesus died upon the tree,

Two others met the same fate as he,

But the two of them were guilty of their crime.

One asked forgiveness for his sin,

Asked that he might go with Him,

Despite what he'd done he's with Jesus for all time.


So, if you are at all sincere,

Your confession He would like to hear,

And no matter what you may have said or done.

Then all your sins on earth below,

His blood will wash as white as snow.

And you will live forever with the Son.


                --Tom R. McNeil