On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Heaven I know,

Is not like it is here below.

For there you rule,

And all is what you'd have it be.

But on this earth today,

Satan has a big say.

That doesn't seem quite right to me.



Lord it is my prayer,

That the people out there,

Will find Thee,

Before their clock reads past eleven.

And as said by Thy Son,

"Thy will be done,

On earth as it is in Heaven."


Man is born into sin,

That's how we all begin.

Some never leave its fold, and that's a shame.

In a perfect world,

Each man, woman, boy and girl,

Would bow down to you, and worship your name.


Lord, you had a great plan,

And if it hadn't been for man,

This world would still be the Heaven you intended.

But if to Heaven we would go,

It won't be found here below.

Only in the place to where Jesus ascended.



                --Tom R. McNeil