Room In Your Heart

Room In Your Heart

You've heard the message, now, it's up to you.

He's standing there waiting; 

So, what will you do?

Listen to His voice; still, it's your choice.

But He's calling for you.


 Is there room, room, room in your heart?

Room, room, to make a new start?

Jesus is waiting; oh, please let Him in.

Is there room in your heart for Him?

 You know you need Him.

What's holding you back?

It's time to heed Him,  

And get on the right track.

If you make a move; you're in His groove.

A bit of courage is all that you lack.

 There's a new life awaiting,

If you answer His call.

We'll be celebrating; 

If you give him your all.

Do it today; He's the only way.

Now is no time to stall.

                --Tom R. McNeil