See God In His Father

See God In His Father

As the years pass on by, I think of my child,

And the road that he's walking upon.

And I wonder, if I caused him to go wild?

Is there something that I should have done?  


If my son could see more of God in his father,

It would be an answer to all that I pray.

And it would put an end to my worry and bother,

If my son could see God as his Father someday.

The sins of the father come down to the son,

All through my life, I've heard this is so.

Though I would not intentionally hurt anyone,

Did I determine the path he would go?

Was I there whenever he had need of me?

Did I always show him the right way?

Was I everything a  father could ever wish to be?

Oh God, I hope that it's so, and I pray.

                --Tom R. McNeil