Serve The Lord With Gladness

Psalm 100:2


When you do something for God,

Do you recognize the beauty?

That He selected you?

Or are you just a little sad?

We should do it out of love,

Not because it is our duty.

It should lift up our spirits;

We should feel glad.


Serve the Lord with gladness,

Put aside the sadness.

And let Him see you do His work with a happy heart.

Don't act like you're a slave,

Just think of all He gave.

And if you don't feel this way,

It's about the time to start.


And when you get the call,

Are the words you say, "Oh brother"?

And are you less than happy?

"Why does He pick on me"?

Then you hesitate and stall,

Wish that He had chosen another?

And on your face, a frown our Lord would see?


Maybe your spirits get a lift?

Because you have another chance to serve Him.

You consider it a privilege,

He has selected you again.

And the task He offers is a gift,

It fills your cup up to the brim.

You think that you must be,

The most fortunate of men.

                --Tom R. McNeil