On The Other Side Of Lonely

Have you ever felt that you were on your own?

Left all by yourself, to face this world alone?

But my friend, that's a place you need not be.

For the Lord is waiting, you see?


On the other side of lonely,

The Lord holds out His hand.

On the other side of lonely lies the Promised Land.

I'm telling you from sin you can be free.

And there's a friend waiting,

On the other side of lonely.


Do you think you've been forsaken?

And left to live or die?

And you are so depressed,

And no cares, or even wonders why?

The Lord never intended for anyone to be left alone.

Call on Him, and He will take you home.


Sinner, there is hope for you, this I know.

I was lost just like you, with no where to go.

I thought there wasn't any chance,

From this life I could be free.

Then I found my way to the other side of lonely.


                --Tom R. McNeil