Somebody Much Bigger Than Me

Just a glimpse of a bright blue sky,

And the clouds that float up there.

Just the taste of a raindrop,

And Iím very much aware.

I only have to look around,

At all the wonders I do see,

To realize there is someone much bigger than me.


Somebody who stands far above me.

Someone to whom I must bend my knee.

Someone who will always love me.

Somebody much bigger than me.


Just to gaze upon the mountains that rise,

As sentinels beside the ocean wide.

They bring glory to the skies,

And my heart is filled with pride.

All these things were created, and most wonderfully,

By somebody much bigger than me.


Just to see a star in a heavenly night,

Or that yellow moon that shines.

Each stands on its own as a source of light,

And provides us with signs.

These things that are out there,

Did not just come to be.

I know thereís somebody much bigger than me.

                -©-Tom R. McNeil