Swimming With The Sharks

Now, Satan’s gonna promise you,

Fame, and wealth untold.

In fact, whatever is your heart’s desire.

And if his terms you agree to,

You’ll have the world to hold.

Just remember ... Satan is a liar.



But some people just like danger,

They have no fear within.

They’ll start a fire Just to see the sparks.

And to the devil they’re no stranger,

For they’re wrapped up in sin.

But if you’re gonna play with Satan,

It’s like swimming with the sharks.


Satan has one thing in mind,

That’s the possession of your soul.

If you listen to his words,

You’ll come to grief.

Some day you’ll awake to find,

That your future Satan stole.

Just remember ... Satan is a thief.


If you’re walkin’ down Satan’s road,

You’re going the wrong way.

I recommend you get out on the double.

For any bad seeds that you’ve sowed,

Someday you’ve got to pay.

Remember ... Satan causes trouble.

                -©-Tom R. McNeil