Talk To The Shepherd

When I can't sleep, I don't count sheep,

I talk to the Shepherd on high.

When I turn and toss, the night is not lost,

I call, and the Lord is nearby.

And we talk through the night, until dawn's morning light,

And I know that darkness is my friend.

For He's always there, to answer my prayer,

And He will be until the end.




I welcome the sleepless nights,

There beneath God's own lights.

I hang on to His every word.

Don't count sheep, talk to the Shepherd.


When I lay me down, and I hear every sound,

I don't mind it disturbing my rest.

For it's then I rejoice, because I hear His voice,

And I know that I have been blessed.

He instructs in the night, tells me just what is right,

I'm certain His love will never cease.

Though I am tired, because of what has transpired,

I'm filled with His wonderful peace.


And we talk about cares, failures, fanfares,

The things that cause me stress.

Conflicts that arise; it's then He opens my eyes,

My problems become so much less.

And my fears start to go, as my faith starts to grow,

And I meditate on all He has said.

I'll give my Lord praise, for the rest of my days,

For His nightly visits there in my bed.


                --Tom R. McNeil