Teach Me How To Pray

My Lord, how I do need you, sorry I didn't heed you,

Followed the path that led the right way.

I'm out of practice, I know, but I'm on my knees below,

Teach me how to pray.

Do I just close my eyes, look up at the skies?

And am I doing it the right way?

Oh Lord, how should I start? Do I just open my heart?

Teach me how to pray.


 Teach me how to pray, teach me how to pray,

I want to adore you, 

So Lord, I implore you, give me the right words I should say.

Teach me to pray.


I'm sorry for what I've been, Lord, please, forgive my sin,

I'd like to come back if I may.

Take this little lost sheep, back into your keep,

And teach me how to pray.

I’d like to say, “Thank you”, for the things that you do,

But I don't know the right words to say.

I'm needing your essence. Can I come into your presence?

Teach me how to pray.


Should I start out by confessing? Should I ask for a blessing?

Will you hear all that I have to say?

Or if you're so inclined, can you just read my mind?

Teach me how to pray.

I don't wish to offend, and go on without end,

Listing the problems that I face each day.

Or can I call on Thee, a hundred times if need be?

Teach me how to pray.


Is there protocol of some kind, to get some quality time?

An audience with you without delay?

How can I ever find grace, and your sweet embrace?

Teach me how to pray.


                -©-Tom R. McNeil