Thorns Or Roses

"Look at these big roses", I exclaimed one morn,

The friend that viewed them there with me

Said, "What a lot of thorns." 

"But don't you think they're beautiful?

We should stop, smell them each day."

"They are apt to prick my finger",

And then he walked away.




Thorns or roses, what do you see?

Do you grumble 'bout a pile of leaves, or see a stately tree? 

Do you offer praises daily to the God you serve?

Oh, be thankful for what you've got,

And don't get what you deserve.


"What a lovely sky", I said to a friend one day.

"They say a storms a-coming, we best hurry on our way." 

"But just look at those white clouds floating in a sea of blue."

"We donít have time to dally, else the rain will fall on you."


Do you look on the bright side of life?

Or do you expect the worst?

Are you thankful for the sun each day? 

Or do you hate the heat and curse?

Do you view your life half empty?

Or does your cup overflow?

You're so thankful for the wonders 

That God provides below.

                -©-Tom R. McNeil