Faith Always Looks Up

When you're feeling down,

Is not the time to wear a frown.

So force your lips into a smile.

And though it's just pretend,

You will find out in the end,

That smile will stay around for a while.


If you want to keep on track,

Then plant your feet upon the ground.

Maybe put a little joy in life's cup.

Sorrow tends to look back,

Worry only looks around,

But faith always looks up.


You see a lot of the nation,

Appearing lost in contemplation.

Walking around, staring at their feet.

They are looking back in sorrow,

With no hope for tomorrow.

At any moment, they might start to weep.


Now, what these people need,

And I think you will concede.

Is a little something in their lives,

That they can't find.

If they knew the One on high,

They'd raise their heads up to the sky.

And be joyful for they'd have peace of mind.



                --Tom R. McNeil