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9 AM Tamil Service
Meeting via Zoom.

Tamil Lent Services
Click the above link to see all the Lent Activities for the Tamil Church of Toronto.

10:30 AM English Service
In-person services uploaded to YouTube.

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Small Groups

Coming soon.


Support the ministries at Armadale Free Methodist Church

For the Tamil congregation please make an e-transfer from your own bank to tamiloffering@gmail.com

For the English Armadale congregation, please make an e-transfer from your own bank to armadaledonations@gmail.com

Cheques for the English congregation are to be made payable to “Armadale Free Methodist Church”

Cheques for the Tamil Congregation are to be made payable to “Tamil Church of Toronto”

Cheques are to be mailed to Armadale Free Methodist Church 400 Passmore Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M1V 4B2

About our church

Armadale Free Methodist is one of the oldest practicing Free Methodist Churches in Canada. Don’t believe us? Click below to learn more.


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What we believe

Biblically-focused, Christ-centred, mission, vision and values.

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400 Passmore Avenue 
Scarborough ON 
M1V 4B2

A Congregation of The Free Methodist Church in Canada

Rev. Maurice Vannest


Rev. Milton Solomon


Sarah Newman


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